Pillar 2 - Regenerate

Regenerate with Healing Medicines & Therapy

Using only the highest quality herbal and homeopathic medicines our tailored 'Medicine Chests' help to boost the immune system & organs to enable complete healing.

When you combine the right foods with the right medicines you can more easily promote your body's natural healing responses and allow it to heal and regenerate.

We have created specific Combinations that together, create a potent healing response for cancer, autoimmune & general chronic conditions.

Besides the standard range of flower essences we also offer an exclusive range that have been created and combined with homepathic medicines to more efficiently support the body-mind connection.

We will create a personalised Medicine Chest to keep your health on track for 6 months.

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    Before & after the KickStart Program we map your immune system & organ efficiency and identify any infectious pathogens in the body.  Your Medicine Chest is then customised for you.

    Healing Combinations

    #1 Chronic Symptoms

    Early intervention for those of you with chronic symptoms to prevent your health advancing to full blown autoimmune disease or cancers.

    #2 Autoimmune Repair

    For those of you tackling symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

    #3 Anti-Cancer

    A powerful combination of remedies which unload, strengthen and refocus the immune system to overcome cancer-includes an LED light & low-level laser for self therapy.

    Flower Essences

    Our Flower Power range boosts emotional health and takes the power away from negative thought patterns, past hurts and reduces blocks that prevent self love and joy. Each Essence has ben combined with a homeopathic to lift the resonance of each one.

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